The idea of FOKUS was growing for some time before the movement became official in 2017. The vision of its founders was simple yet challenging: Energy drinks in cans are an aberration. The world deserves better than formulas consisting only of sugar and caffeine. The solution: to create from scratch a formula to improve intellectual performance by focusing on ingredients of the highest quality. Everything had to be combined: mental concentration for long periods, resistance to stress, alertness, reaction speed, cognitive performance, prolonged wakefulness, no energy crash... The challenge was great, but after creating FOKUS, they knew it was mission accomplished on each and every touchstone!

One of the great discoveries during the creative process was that it so many people can draw immense benefits from FOKUS. The team has approached emergency trades such as military personnel, police officers, and health care professionals who are exposed to complex situations that need to be addressed quickly and often in contexts of mental and physical exhaustion, during night shift for example. Needless to say, the success was instantaneous!

Today, FOKUS aims to spread its message that it is possible to achieve the highest level of performance without harming one's health. FOKUS is simply the first example, now it’s your turn to join the movement and share it with your team!


Do what you love, and reach your best potential. This is what drives us. This is why we care about the health of fellow gamers, students, and professionals. Therefore, we seek to help everyone to get an edge over their challenges and to feel at their best. As such, FOKUS' team is dedicated to offering high-end natural health products enhancing cognitive skills.