Is FOKUS available in stores?

Yes! Here is where you can find us : 

- Meltdown Montréal, 2035 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal (QC)

- Gam1ng Café, 3311 rue Masson, Montréal (QC)

- Le Skyzo, 2360 ch Sainte-Foy, Québec (QC)

- Hall of Geek, 140-1100 Blvd Guillaume-Couture, Lévis (QC)

- Gamer's Spot Drummondville, 441 rue Lindsay, Drummondville (QC)


Is FOKUS™ safe to use?

Yes of course! Fortunately, FOKUS™ possesses a Natural Health Product Number (NPN) issued by Health Canada, which sets very high standards for the industry. Thus, you are certain that the active ingredients of the formula, as well as their dosage, are safe. This being said, we recommend limiting its consumption to 2 servings per day.

In addition, FOKUS™ contains no sugar!



What can I use FOKUS™ for?

If you ever feel that you lack energy, that you are having troubles to concentrate on the tasks you wish to accomplish or you want to feel at your best, in your performance zone, FOKUS™ will definitely be your best ally. 

If you want to give yourself a better chance on a major examination or professional interview, FOKUS™ will help. Any task requiring you to concentrate your mind will benefit from FOKUS™.

In addition, FOKUS™ can provide significant benefits to people who work overnight, improving their ability to maintain concentration despite fatigue.



What are the ingredients of FOKUS™?

We are very proud to show them! You will find a link to the labels as you shop. You can also learn more about each ingredient right here: Discover FOKUS.



Is there anything else in FOKUS™ than what is written on the label?

No! Fortunately, all products containing pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured in Canada are tightly framed. It is the law to list all the ingredients on the label. Even better, the quality and accuracy of the information found on the label are far superior to what regulations require in many other countries.



Does FOKUS™ contain Taurine?

No. We know that many people tolerate taurine poorly and that it can impair the performance of specific precise movements, which is why it is not an ingredient we have chosen.



Will FOKUS™ prevent me from sleeping well?

No! Two or three hours after you have used FOKUS™, you will be able to start a good night of sleep. But it doesn't mean that all the effects are gone! There is something incredible about FOKUS: it helps you to maintain your mental stamina when you need it, and when it's time to rest, you can sleep like a baby.



Could FOKUS™ contain ingredients prohibited by the anti-doping regulations of a federation of esports or any other sport?

No, absolutely impossible. Integrity and transparency are values that are dear to us. No ingredients used to make FOKUS™ are on the list of ingredients banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.



How many servings of FOKUS™ can I take per day?

You will get the maximum results with two servings of FOKUS™. Just like any product containing caffeine, moderation is important to your health. You may safely take two servings without any delay between the two.



How should I prepare FOKUS™?

Just pour a scoop of the FOKUS™ into 400ml of water and mix it all. If you have a shaker, it works perfectly, but a regular bottle or glass of water is just as effective. You can add more or less water to dilute or increase the taste of the mix, that's all up to you!

We recommend taking your doses of FOKUS™ about 10 to 15 minutes before playing. The beneficial effects reach their peak for the first 2-3 hours, but beyond this period, several positive effects will be effective throughout the day. FOKUS™ can also be mixed with your favorite drink or smoothie!



Can I prepare FOKUS™ in the morning but only take it later in the day?

FOKUS™ will be just as effective even if prepared a few hours before its use. But, as it does not contain any preservatives of any kind, the taste, the freshness, and the color may decay over time. If you plan on waiting before using FOKUS™ after its preparation, leave it in the refrigerator, as it prolonged its qualities. 



Does FOKUS™ taste good?

One of our priorities is that FOKUS is excellent to drink! Try it, you'll be surprised :)



Why should I consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 1 month?

Daily use of FOKUS™ for over a month may represent a risk for an individual consuming regular medication or living with specific health issues. It's always good to seek a professional's approval.



Is there any new flavor coming soon?

We are very open to suggestions and want you to enjoy your drink as much as possible. If you want to taste FOKUS™ in a specific flavor, send a message on Facebook or email at info@gamerspotions.com!



How can I sell FOKUS in my store?

We are currently looking for opportunities for gaming related businesses to provide Gamer's Potions products to their customers. Please send an email to info@gamerspotions.com with object "B2B" so we can get in touch.



How do I become a partner?

You think you have a trustworthy relationship with a gaming audience? Are you organizing an event and would like FOKUS' team to participate? Send a request to info@gamerspotions.com with object: "partnership" we will provide you with the information.



Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! Contact us for more information.