We are FOKUS. An agency created by and for gamers

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What we do

Talent Representation

You PLAY, we CARE” This is our motto. We take care about all the needs that a pro-player may have during his/her career. We support them finding the best opportunities and making them grow as a pro-player.


Our platform allows us to gather the key data from the main esports videogames. It makes the scouting process much easier and effective. We mix up this information with a deep cognitive and not cognitive analysis to understand and offer the best possible profiles depending on the teams’ and brand’s needs.

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We take care of the professional and personal image of our players. Helping them to build up a strong and attractive personality for the brands and teams that allows our players to grow within the esports ecosystem.


We help our players to find the best possible partners for their careers. Managing the relationships and finding out the best opportunities for them. Our technical platform is key to offer the brands the best possible profile in order to create a long-term relationship, leveraging their features and skills for a great success.